The ESAU & HUEBER company has been located in Schrobenhausen since 1981.


The company name resulted from a merger between Hans Hueber GmbH, Munich and Klaus Esau GmbH, Langenbach/Freising (Germany) in 1977.



Milestones from our history:


40 years ESAU & HUEBER

Inauguration of the new production hall at Köngislacher Weg, Schrobenhausen

The area of BIOLOGY, PHARMA & COSMETICS was established as equivalent to the BREWERY,  FOOD & BEVERAGE technology

2011 Esau & Hueber acquires the complete product and service portofolio of NERB, a Freising-based  global supplier of brewhouses
New module construction building at head office in Schrobenhausen-Steingriff
2008 BAUER Resources GmbH, a subsidiary of BAUER AG, also registered in Schrobenhausen, becomes a new shareholder of ESAU & HUEBER GmbH
2006 Official change of the company´s name to ESAU & HUEBER GmbH, a name that had generally been used for a long time
ESAU & HUEBER is celebrating its 25th anniversary
Take-over of the product and brand rights in the filler product range of Datagraf in Heilbronn
Relocation of the company from Munich to Schrobenhausen while buying and reconstructing  the present-day principal office
Strategical decision to enter into the HIGH-PURITY-SECTOR with the focus onto semi-conductor industry
Merger of the two companies to form Klaus Esau -Armaturen-Maschinen-Anlagen- & Hans Hueber GmbH with its registered office in Munich; managing director: F Klaus Sedlaczek

The company "Klaus Esau Armaturen-Maschinen-Anlagen GmbH" in Langenbach near Freising was established

1926 Foundation of "Hans Hueber KG" in Munich