New strategic partner: BAUER Resources GmbH and SCHULZ Unternehmensfamilie e. K. sign a letter of intent for takeover of ESAU & HUEBER GmbH

  • 06/03/2020

Schrobenhausen, Germany – After being part of the BAUER Group for twelve years, BAUER Resources GmbH and SCHULZ Unternehmensfamilie e. K. in Bamberg have come to an agreement on the takeover of ESAU & HUEBER GmbH, which is headquartered in Schrobenhausen, upper Bavaria. The takeover, details of which both sides have agreed not to disclose, is expected to be completed within the year.


The SCHULZ Group is a family business that is being managed by the tenth generation and is a successful system provider for turnkey brewing and malting plants, distilleries and special containers. This means that ESAU & HUEBER GmbH, which provides services and complete systems for the global brewery and beverage industry, gains a new and strategic partner that perfectly supplements the existing range, particularly in the brewery and pharmaceutical sector.


In future, the traditional Schrobenhausen-based company will focus on its core business – module construction in the yeast and aeration industry, as well as plant construction in brewery cold blocks. The successful pharmaceutical sector will also be a focus of company activity. It is also the intention to bundle operations in the area of process automation and systematically develop them. At the same time, ESAU & HUEBER GmbH will not continue to operate business areas such as brewhouse construction that are not profitable and that have already been successfully covered within the SCHULZ Group.


Both companies aim to ensure a smooth transition for customers and employees. “The planned takeover will both make it possible to maintain the location of ESAU & HUEBER in Schrobenhausen and also retain almost all employees,” says Roman Breuer, Managing Director of BAUER Resources GmbH. This will create clear added value in the future, in particular for the ESAU & HUEBER GmbH customer base.