Biotechnology, Pharma & Cosmetics

Biotechnology, Pharma & Cosmetics The production of active (pharmaceutical) agents is performed under regulatory supervision. Well-designed facilities for manufacturing do not only comply with Good Engineering Practice (GEP) to enable strictly enforced Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) but also assure safety and comfort for the operator during his/her daily work.



Reliable operation of production plants and reproducibility of processes are essential in the pharmaceutical industry. Planning, manufacturing and installation of equipment or equipment parts must be perfectly synchronized and subject to strict rules. We have many years of experience in different (bio) pharmaceutical production processes.


The benefits to you:


  • Planning, manufacturing, installation
  • Plant adaptation
  • Reconstruction in existing facilities

Liquid Media


Systems for:

  • Tanker truck and container extraction
  • Storage or intermediate storage units
  • Pumping stations
  • Distribution systems

Numerous systems have been created for the following media:

  • Purified water (PW)
  • High purified water (HPW)
  • Water for injection (WFI)
  • Ultra-pure steam
  • Various solvents and chemical fluids
  • Product, sedimentation and nutrient media
  • CIP / SIP media 


Gaseous Media


Systems for:

  • Storage and intermediate storage
  • Extraction units
  • Main filter and pressure reducing stations
  • Distribution systems
  • Point Of Use (POU) extraction with filter and pressure reductions

Numerous systems have been created for the following media:

  • Inert standard gases (e.g. compressed air, nitrogen etc.)
  • Corrosive and toxic process gases
  • Gases condensed under pressure for pharmaceutical or high quality application


Waste water collection systems


Intermediate storage

Waste water buffer systems are used for intermediate storage of the contaminated waste water produced.

Safe discharge

The possible configurations ensure that the medium can be discharged with the required safety at the waste container or the waste tanker truck.

Integration into post-treatment

Where treatment or inactivation of the ingredients on the operator's site is required, the necessary post-treatment can be integrated.

Thermal treatment

Inactivation by temperature

The prerequisite for the use of thermal waste water treatment is that the contamination present can be inactivated by temperature.


Defined heating and temperature maintenance

By heating the contaminated waste water to a defined temperature and then maintaining this temperature for a defined period of time, it is possible to inactivate ingredients.



The necessary sterilization temperatures and periods are determined and specified according to the ingredients.

Laboratory experiments or pilot projects can be carried out to determine the relevant data.