Brewhouse Technology

Our CRAFT10 and CRAFT20 Brewhouse systems will supply ideal wort quality in combination with highest efficiency regarding raw material and energy consumption – at a very interesting price level. The smart automation degree keeps the most essential areas under control and allows easy operation of your daily work.


Depending on your individual demands and we engineer and supply the best possible concept based on your raw materials and brewery size. We suggest the most suitable malt silos as we as individual equipment for adjunct or sugar addition. Based on your planned beer types and recipes we assist you selecting the ideal malt mill in wet or dry milling technology.


Our mashing vessels operate with low steam pressure which results in gentle mash treatment and ideal beer quality. In addition to this the fowling at the steam jackets is reduced and allows long production cycles without intermediate cleaning. Our premashing system and unique agitator design ensure homogene mash and ideal mash mixing. The resulting short mashing times and extensive conversion processes will save your time and money.


Our lautering systems help you to achieve extensive malt savings and short occupation times by an ideal design of the vessel geometry and lautering flow. At the same time we design the systems for a best possible flexibility and a wide range of possible recipes.



Wort boiling is the most energy consuming process in your entire brewery. At the same time it has a big influence on the later beer quality. We offer the most suitable wort boiling method four individual beer types regarding wort quality, flexibility and energy saving. No matter if internal boiler, external boiler or vacuum system – our portfolio includes all suitable systems.



Our wort cooling systems will be specially designed for your individual beer types and available cooling media. Our unique wort aeration nozzle ensures finest distribution of oxygen which results in ideal yeast pitching conditions.