Craft Line

Based on our long-term expertise in designing complete brewery systems we developed unique systems meeting the individual demands of the Craft Brewing Industry. Our CRAFT LINE systems are scalable in brewing capacity and offer professional technology on a smart investment level.


Our CRAFT10 and CRAFT20 Brewhouse systems will supply ideal wort quality in combination with highest efficiency regarding raw material and energy consumption. The smart automation degree keeps the most essential areas under control and allows easy operation of your daily work. Our yeast propagation systems CARLSBERG FLASK, MICRO PROP and CRAFT PROP will assist you to set up a scalable and professional yeast handling within your Craft Brewery.


Our CRAFT10 and CRAFT20 brewhouse systems were specifically developed for the craft beer market for sizes of 10bbl (12hl) and 20bbl (24hl). Engineered for high flexibility for all kind of different recipes, not over-engineered but automated what needs to be automated – and all of this for a very competitive price to consider investment limitations which start-up brewers might be confronted with. Modulated with slightly limited range of options, but a truly professional CRAFT brewhouse for excellent beers. Smart technology made in Germany. Start with the configuration button to get one step closer to your ESAU & HUEBER brewhouse.

For bigger volumes,  special requirements in design or technology, ESAU & HUEBER can of course also provide you with our well established PREMIUM brewhouses – tailor made for your individual requirements.



The  CRAFT PROP system has been specially tailored to the needs of small-scale craft and medium-sized breweries.

Just as with the proven MICRO PROP the production requirements like temperature and amount of aeration/volume intervals can be specifically influenced by its own control.

By customizing the propagation time as well as the initial and residual Cell count in the propagator, self-supply of yeast can be adjusted precisely to the operational requirements.

The design of the CRAFT PROP - strictly in accordance with hygienic design criteria - ensures intensive aeration and thus the best yeast growth without causing oxidative damage by over-aeration and/or over-foaming of the propagator. The CRAFT PROP is especially suitable for medium-sized and craft breweries, as it offers the best solution to take yeast management into your own hands - at a manageable level of investment and personnel expenses.



High-quality production of beer requires professional yeast management, even on a small scale. The MICRO PROP system by ESAU & HUEBER provides small breweries with an in-house supply of strongly fermenting, high-vitality yeast. The removable quantity can be adapted to the production requirements by adjusting the propagation time, temperature, aeration volume / aeration intervals for the start cells and the residual cells in the propagator. Intense aeration ensures optimum yeast growth. The construction strictly follows the specifications for hygienic design and ensures biological safety, so that the brewery always has a reliable supply of fresh propagation yeast. The system is suitable for small breweries as well as for larger breweries to handle the transfer from yeast propagation in a laboratory to industrial-scale propagation.



Correct aeration is just as important for small and very small breweries as it is for industrial breweries. ESAU & HUEBER covers this performance range with the MICRO AIR complete modular system. The MICRO AIR is equipped with an aeration device, regulation valve, sterile filter, flow quantity limiter and pressure reducer, is mounted on a stainless steel panel and provides a cost-efficient but reliable solution for brewers with lower wort volumes.


The wort aeration device corresponds to the state of the art for this type of application. Its design facilitates the formation of ultra-fine air bubbles. Effective wort and yeast aeration can therefore also be achieved on a small scale The MICRO AIR can also be used to carbonize finished beer before filling, in addition to wort aeration. This step achieves a very fine distribution of the CO2 added and therefore almost complete dissolution in the beer.


Its construction is based on the specifications of hygienic design and offers even small breweries a microbiologically safe solution.