Yeast Management

Vitality and fermenting strength

Vigorous and strongly fermenting yeast in a physiologically flawless state is an essential requirement for high and consistent beer quality. It also contributes to biological safety. The aerobic phase in the yeast life cycle is particularly important for vitality later, as it is used to synthesize all the essential components of the cells.


ESAU & HUEBER offers the right solution for breweries of all sizes. The CONTI PROP yeast propagation system, the FERMEX vitalization system or an intelligent combination of the two in a FLEXI PROP system - these technologies are available in all conceivable sizes.

ESAU & HUEBER GmbH - The yeast champion!

Carlsberg flasks are used for yeast propagation coming out of the laboratory. The design of Carlsberg flasks complies with the strict hygienic requirements for yeast propagation and they are easy to operate and clean and can be autoclaved. The connections and fittings are hygienic and have no dead space. Sterile sampling is possible as well as sterile and stress-free drainage possible using a drain valve and sterile air application.




High-quality production of beer requires professional yeast management, even on a small scale. The MICRO PROP system by ESAU & HUEBER provides small breweries with an in-house supply of strongly fermenting, high-vitality yeast. The removable quantity can be adapted to the production requirements by adjusting the propagation time, temperature, aeration volume / aeration intervals for the start cells and the residual cells in the propagator. Intense aeration ensures optimum yeast growth. The construction strictly follows the specifications for hygienic design and ensures biological safety, so that the brewery always has a reliable supply of fresh propagation yeast. The system is suitable for small breweries as well as for larger breweries to handle the transfer from yeast propagation in a laboratory to industrial-scale propagation.



The  CRAFT PROP system has been specially tailored to the needs of small-scale craft and medium-sized breweries.

Just as with the proven MICRO PROP the production requirements like temperature and amount of aeration/volume intervals can be specifically influenced by its own control.

By customizing the propagation time as well as the initial and residual Cell count in the propagator, self-supply of yeast can be adjusted precisely to the operational requirements.

The design of the CRAFT PROP - strictly in accordance with hygienic design criteria - ensures intensive aeration and thus the best yeast growth without causing oxidative damage by over-aeration and/or over-foaming of the propagator. The CRAFT PROP is especially suitable for medium-sized and craft breweries, as it offers the best solution to take yeast management into your own hands - at a manageable level of investment and personnel expenses.



With the CONTI PROP, the yeast is constantly in the respiration phase during propagation. This guarantees not only optimum utilization of energy from the wort sugars provided but also synthesis of unsaturated fatty acids and sterols. These substances are a vital part of effective mass transfer between the yeast and the wort surrounding the cells. With the CONTI PROP you achieve high vitality and a homogeneous propagation yeast and finally optimize fermentation times and rapid degradation of fermentation by-products.




The FLEXI PROP method is based on the results achieved with CONTI PROP yeast propagation and the FERMEX vitalization system and combines the advantages of both systems in a single solution. This modern yeast management is made up of closed aerobic yeast propagation and harvesting yeast treatment, in which the fermentation carbon dioxide is removed and subsequent intensive aeration - with or without adding wort depending on the dosing time - results in vitalization.


  • Maximum biological safety due to closed system with hygienic design
  • Smoother, reproducible fermentation process due to good physiological condition of the yeast
  • Homogeneous cell counts in the dosing vessel due to external repumping unit
  • High selection pressure on external organisms due to rapid start of fermentation
  • Rapid degradation of fermentation by-products
  • High fermentation level, high beer quality, excellent foam stability, improved filter service life etc. due to outstanding fermentation process
  • Improvement of foam and pH value
  • Good sedimentation of yeast



The aerobic FERMEX system developed by ESAU & HUEBER is capable of vitalizing the harvesting yeast. CO² stored in the yeast cells is gently removed after the yeast harvest. Before pitching, the propagation phase of the operating yeast is activated by adding fresh wort as a nutrient substrate and by more aeration of the yeast suspension. This has a positive effect on the vitality and fermentation strength of the pitching yeast.The vitalization system is made up of one or more conventional yeast tanks, which can be supplemented with an external transfer and aeration unit, a temperature controller and a tank content measurement system.




With the YEAST PROPAGATION MANAGER (YPM), ESAU & HUEBER offers a self-optimizing solution for controlling yeast propagation. Unlike existing control systems, which are rigidly recipe based, the new VIRTUAL EXPERT system developed jointly by the company GIMBIO and the department of BREWING AND BEVERAGE TECHNOLOGY at the Technical University of Munich-Weihenstephan is designed for situational process management.

The YPM simultaneously monitors all process-related parameters continuously and in real time, and intervenes if there are any variations from the ideal condition. The software linguistically evaluates the overall process and can autonomously learn to optimize the process conditions. The necessary decisions are not based on mathematical decisions but on expert knowledge. The YPM enables a uniform and reproducible quality of the propagated yeast due to its level of automation. Software runs on top of the exis­ting controller and can be linked to all systems used. The conventional controller remains active in the background.