Process Engineering

The CONTI FLASH flash pastoring system with continuous control of the variably reselectable pasteurizing units makes use of the latest and most gentle process for biological preservation of beer, fruit drinks and juices with up to 1.2 mm fibre length.


  • Continuous PU control
  • Tank content control based on differential pressure
  • Quantity-regulated rinsing control
  • Perfect and informative documentation permitted.
  • Low temperature safeguard
  • Reinfection-proof, high pressure resistant design
  • Hygienic and safe routing
  • Vacuum-proof buffer tank
  • CIP return flow pump
  • Functional unit ready to connect
  • Sterile technology in compliance with DIN 11864




We essentially differentiate between tank cleaning, pipe cleaning and system cleaning, batch cleaning and lost cleaning. Combinations of these cleaning types are possible at any time for specific systems. Adaptation to specific requirements results in savings, particularly on cleaning agents, but also energy and water.


They are individually adjusted according to parameters such as the content of the container to be cleaned, height differences, nominal diameters, pipe lengths and, in particular, the type of impurity to be removed.



The benefits to you:

  • Absolute product safety due to accurate targeted cleaning
  • Economical use of cleaning agents, energy and water
  • Clear and easy operation with varying degrees of automation
  • Safeguarding of aggressive media from contact with one another using proximity switches and leakage valves
  • Environmentally friendly due to minimal waste water disposal
  • Gentle on materials due to pressure regulation of feed pumps
  • Low personnel costs in fully automatic mode
  • Reproducible processes due to monitoring of all relevant process parameters
  • Stationary or mobile 



Our filling systems provide a solution for filling the increasingly popular 5-liter party barrels in high numbers.The semi-automatic party barrel fillers of the SEMI-fill type are built and delivered with 2, 4 and 6 filling points and a capacity of 100 to 300 5-litre party barrels per hour.The filler can be delivered as a single machine and as an AUTO-fill system adjusted to the different automatization levels required.


The filling systems are supplemented by our specially designed closing system.


The benefits to you:

  • Specially designed filling valve guarantees low oxygen filling, resulting in consistently high product quality
  • Safety for operating personnel due to two-handed operation of filler
  • Less personnel required for large quantities of filled containers
  • Level of automation adjustable by selection of peripheral equipment
  • Ergonomically optimized design

Our blending units deliver reliability combined with easy operation and protection against oxygen uptake.

These systems are available in all two to six digit size classes, from completely manual to fully automatic operating modes. As you would expect, the construction is based on hygienic design principles.


The blending systems are suitable for blending different beers to ensure a consistent quality of end product and for original wort correction with water in high gravity brewing methods. The blending systems are also capable of separating shandy from beer and fully separated alcohol-free components.


The benefits to you:

  • Low oxygen blending to improve aging stability
  • Maximum flexibility for adaptation to customer requirements
  • Microbiological safety due to construction based on hygienic design
  • Suitable for a large number of applications
  • Different measuring systems can be integrated to improve process reliability
  • Choice of mobile and stationary version available
  • Excellent value for money