Aeration and Carbonation


Good fermentation requires yeast in top condition and the correct aeration of wort and yeast before pitching. The TURBO AIR  two-component nozzle has proven its use in many projects and corresponds to the latest state of technology for such applications.


The construction complies with all aspects of hygienic design and therefore offers increased safety for this sensitive  area of beer production.


Its design results in the formation of ultra-fine air bubbles immediately after the nozzle. An air quantity of 10 l/hl is sufficient for complete saturation of the wort. Low oxidation of antioxidants as compared to conventional systems results in better taste stability of the finished beer.


A dissolving section after the aeration unit ist not required, due to the formation of very small bubbles.  The effect of the nozzle - acceleration of the product flow with subsequent, sudden relaxation - makes it completely independent of the installation orientation (horizontal or vertical). The nominal widths available range from 40 0 200 mm and cover flow capacities from 25 to 2000 hl/l.




ESAU & HUEBER provides the TURBO CARBO system for the carbonisation of beverages and correction of the CO2-content, for example after blending.


The CO2 is added with a previously tested Esau & Hueber two-component nozzle. The fundamental principle of the system is based on regulating the ratio of CO2 [g/l] to product [hl/h]. The TURBO CARBO will react appropriately by changing the quantity of gas added when the flow conditions change. The proportional control can be optionally extended by an additional CO2 measurement in the finished drink.


The difference between the CO2 content actually measured and the target value is used to adjust the dosing ratio entered until the content values are equal. The automated system ensures a constant CO2 content in the finished product. Alarms regarding the measurements are visually and audibly indicated and evaluated.


The CO2 section is entirely equipped with stop valves, pressure reduction unit, thermal mass flow meters and a regulator valve. An inductive flow meter is integrated into the product section intake to measure the production output. The TURBO CARBO can, of course, also be used to dose nitrogen into the beer as a TURBO NITRO.