Automation with WINBREW® - Brewing automation for brewers!

A proven and reliable automation system is the prerequisite for controlling, monitoring and logging complex operations. With WINBREW® the user has the possibility to manage the entire operating process from the malt acceptance to the pressure tank with a integrated system.


WINBREW® is an open and scalable control system, based on SIEMENS TIA-Portal, the visualization Zenon by COPA DATA and the well-proven brewery step-by-step editor from ESAU & HUEBER.

This allows the system to be tailored precisely to customer requirements without obstructing later extensions.

Of particular note is the "locked hand level" which checks for manual intervention for plausibility and thus reduces operating errors.



Your benefit


  • Sequence editor based on database with graphical operation for a variety of steps, varieties and recipes; with full access to all variables, valves and drives
  • High-resolution visualization system with graphical representation of the process sequence as well as controllers, counters and recorder function
  • Avoidance of product and machine damage through plausibility checks in manual mode
  • open and scalable control system
  • Long-term archive by offline function
  • High compatibility
  • Worldwide remote maintenance by our programmers and brewery technologists