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Thanks to a process system tailored to the respective application, the course is set for a reproducible and efficient production process.
The control system, which is specially tailored to the plant, provides comprehensive support for the entire production process, for example when controlling batch processes and material flows.
An optimal automation solution can only be found if the necessary technical expertise in hardware and software design is available and an in-depth understanding of the actual production process is present. 
We guarantee the success of your projects: from qualified basic engineering in the tendering stage to tried-and-tested detailed engineering in the implementation stage and consistent project management and commissioning.
A successful after sales service is also available, offering you advice and support after handover.

ESAU & HUEBER sees itself not only as a plant manufacturer but also as a service provider. In several work steps, the optimal solution is sought for the respective needs of our customers."


For smooth processes

Controlling, monitoring, logging – in perfect interplay

Thanks to a process system tailored to the respective application, the course is set for a comprehensible and efficient production process. However, the optimal automation technology can only be defined if there is an understanding of both the production process and how the plant works. The interplay of CONTROLLING – MONITORING – LOGGING is essential for selecting the right SOFTWARE, HARDWARE and CONTROL TECHNOLOGY.


Process control system

For more than three decades, ESAU & HUEBER has relied on its WinBrew® process control system, which was specially developed for the brewing process.

From malt intake to the pressurised vessel with a single software and visualisation platform.

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Hardware planning

The integration of our plant and system technology into the production environment of our customers requires consistent and resilient hardware planning, which includes all of the following: 

- Control centres with PC workstations
- Measurement and control technology
- Load and distribution cabinets
- Cabling, incl. route planning

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Remote service

In order to be able to support the production processes even during operation,
we implement – if desired – the technical prerequisites in our control systems. This provides us with remote access to our customers' process control technology, in strict compliance with all data protection regulations.

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For sustainable

Benefit from our mechanical and process engineering expertise

SERVICE – a comprehensive term that describes our commitment to customers. In the plant engineering sector, it is about giving our customers the feeling of having a competent and reliable partner by their side from the outset. This willingness is essential for the sustained success of both parties, especially in connection with the production of capital-intensive goods in complex environments.


After comprehensive BASIC engineering in the tendering stage, DETAILED engineering is the traditional next step in plant engineering once an order has been placed.
Comprehensive and constructive support is imperative and decisive for the success of the project.

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Both the construction of our modules in our production facilities and the installation of the plants at our customers' sites aim to maintain the highest standards of quality and service.
Therefore, we always take the project's entire value chain into account and work closely with our customers.

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When it comes to the maintenance of our modules and plants, we focus not only on the purely mechanical aspects but also on process reliability and compatibility with the existing production process.
Significant changes can occur in the life cycle of plants, resulting in both the mechanical and control technology having to be adapted.

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After sales

For lifelong

Our goal: Guaranteeing decades of success

The life cycle of our modules and plants goes far beyond a contractually agreed warranty period. Since our ultimate goal is to maintain an excellent relationship with our customers after the sales process, a seamless AFTER SALES service is essential.

ESAU & HUEBER's almost 50 years of expertise in the industry and the company's ability to build and maintain relationships with customers over many decades are testament to its long-term strategic commitment. We would therefore be very happy to accompany YOU on this journey.

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