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Plant engineering for breweries has traditionally been the main business focus at ESAU & HUEBER. Innovative ideas and customer solutions are implemented into high-quality and effectively working modules and plants.

The goal is to increase efficiency in beverage production while guaranteeing the highest standards of quality at all times.

The knowledge of ESAU & HUEBER goes far beyond the boundaries of plant engineering. We are also a reliable partner for commissioning and technological training.”

Brochures, data sheets, explanatory videos and much more – our download section is where you will find in-depth information and illustrative material on a variety of topics.

Propagation Technology

For precise

For beer quality, taste and production reliability

Vigorous and strongly fermenting yeast in a physiologically flawless state is an essential requirement for high and consistent beer quality. The fact that yeast has also increasingly become a flavour enhancer in recent years makes the importance of modern yeast management absolutely essential for breweries of all sizes. It also contributes to the biological safety of production and thus of the final products.

Micro Prop

Yeast technology for micro brewers

For the self-supply of micro breweries with vigorous and strongly fermenting yeast.
The basic equipment includes a gas panel, control and 100 l Carlsberg flask.

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Craft Prop

Yeast technology for craft brewers

Our yeast management entry level for medium-sized breweries – strictly according to hygienic design criteria.
By adjusting the propagation time as well as the start and residual cells in the propagator, the self-supply of yeast can be planned precisely.

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Craft Crop

Crop yeast management

In the crop yeast sector, we can also offer a solution whose price-performance ratio is highly interesting, especially for those entering this sector for the first time.

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Conti Prop

Yeast cultivation

The system for aerobic yeast propagation is characterised by the high fermentation strength and vitality of the yeast cells obtained.
Propagation can be controlled optimally by varying the propagation time, temperature and aeration quantity as well as the start and residual cells.

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Flexi Prop

Yeast management

Modern yeast management requires having sufficient quantities of both vigorous, strongly fermenting crop yeast and fresh propagation yeast available at all times. Our FLEXI PROP systems enable the highly efficient management of both yeast flows, thus ensuring the highest standard of yeast supply.

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Yeast manager

The situational and fully automatic process control enables the targeted implementation of yeast management on the basis of online parameters.
Based on a linguistic evaluation of the overall process, the entire process control – even with varying strains of yeast – can be optimised in a self-learning manner.

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Fermentation & storage cellar technology

Perfection for
the cold side of the brew

Maturation process with market-leading technology

The ESAU & HUEBER product portfolio also includes all the process steps for the cold side of the brew. The construction or conversion of complete fermentation and storage cellars is one of the company's core competencies. Numerous patents and other protective letters are proof of the ongoing development work over the past decades. ESAU & HUEBER is the technology leader and benchmark when it comes to highly efficient aeration systems in the wort and yeast sector.

Craft Air

Wort aeration

Aeration by means of CRAFT AIR nozzle, hygienic inline gas dosing; manual dosing, automatic CIP cleaning.

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Turbo Air

Wort aeration

Our TURBO AIR wort aeration system is a prime example of industry best practice with over 1,000 units sold worldwide.
The highly efficient two-component nozzle ensures optimum blending of liquid and gas at extremely low consumption rates.

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Turbo Carbo / Nitro


Our tried and tested TURBO CARBO system is ideally suited for the carbonisation of beer and non-alcoholic beverages.
Essential control of the fully-automated version is based on regulating the oxygen and product ratio.

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ESAU & HUEBER supplies tanks and vessels worldwide for all production processes.
The portfolio includes pressurised vessels, storage vessels CCT, CIP vessels and special vessels.

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The planning and construction of complete fermentation and storage cellars is one of our core competencies.
Projects involving completely new build developments as well as the conversion of existing cellars are achieved at a fixed price.

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Panel technology

The construction of complex storage and distribution systems requires the highest level of engineering expertise.
Perfect craftsmanship – both in the factory and on site – is absolutely essential.

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Process technology

For highly detailed

Top systems for all ancillary processes

In addition to the main processes, e.g. for the hot side of the brew, there are a number of ancillary and supporting processes in beverage production that must be considered fully and properly to ensure consistent delivery of high quality beer. ESAU & HUEBER also offers its customers a wide range of solutions for these processes.

Conti Flash

Short-term heating

Our short-term heating plants - with continuous control of the variably pre-selectable pasteurisation units -
contain the latest and most gentle process for the biological preservation of beers and non-alcoholic beverages.

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Cleaning plants

Reliable cleaning of all process areas is essential to guarantee high product quality at all times.
The construction of mobile and stationary cleaning plants demand an exceptional standard of diligence and experience.

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Conti Blend


Blending systems have become an integral and vital part of the process landscape of many beverage producers.
The design and the process of our modules and plants are also complies with the strict guidelines for hygienic design.

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Media supply

The installation of complex media supplies is indispensable when it comes to guaranteeing complete process landscapes.
This includes the engineering and construction of supply systems for refrigeration, steam, product, CIP and various other media.

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Water degassing

Degassed water is the basic requirement for an array of blending processes. Various technologies are employed to achieve the final goal.

In combination with our blending and carbonisation technology, we always come up with the right solution.

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Semi Fill

Party keg filling

The semi-automatic 5 litre party keg filler is designed for a capacity of 300 kegs/hour.
In addition to the filler, a range of peripheral devices are available to construct complete filling lines.

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